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    If I turn off the power after setting the GUF controller speed upper limit and then turn it on again, the set value is not saved!


    When setting a parameter, you must save it from [Stor] mode to [do] (storage execution mode) after setting the speed upper limit.

    When the power is re-applied, it runs again at the set speed value.


  2. Q

    When the controller GUF power is turned on, AL.oP flashes on the display!


    When the power is turned on, the set value does not appear and [AL.oP] blinks due to two reasons.

    1. When the power is turned on while the operation switch is set to “RUN”.

    2. When the power is turned on while the FWD input or REV input is “ON”.

    Set the operation switch to the "STAND-BY" side, set the FWD input or REV input to OFF, and then apply the power.

  3. Q

    How can I apply for warranty andfollow-up service? 


    If a product you purchased is in any way defective,

    we provide a comprehensive service to determine the cause and deliver warranty andfollow-up service.

    Please, follow the relevant procedure and apply for the service.

    Small DC motor

    Adress : 22, Gyeongin-ro 3beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do,

    Republic of Korea

    TEL : +82 32-664-7790  (Dir : +82 70-7893-6355)

    FAX : +82 32-611-7791

    Standard AC/DC motor

    Adress : 180, Oksan-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 

    TEL : +82 32-684-7791   (Dir : +82 70-7893-6355)

    FAX : +82 32-673-7793

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    Where can I make an inquiry regarding the purchase of a product?


    GGM helps our customers to find a distributor when purchasing a product in quantities less than 500.

    If you visit Customer Support > Online Quotation, enter basic information,select the model name and

    request quotation, we will search for and connect you with the nearest distributor.

  5. Q

    I want to know if GGM products have received UL certification. 


    GGM always makes every effort to offer the best service to our customers.

    If you wish to download or check UL certificates, CL and CCC for our various patented products,

    you can do so from Company > Certificates and Patent at the top of our main homepage. 

    For other inquiries, please call our head office. We will respond to you in a prompt and friendly manner.

    Small DC motor

    TEL : +82 32-664-7790  (Dir : +82 70-7893-6355) 

    FAX : +82 32-611-7791

    Standard AC/DC motor

    TEL : +82 32-684-7791   (Dir : +82 70-7893-6355) 

    FAX : +82 32-673-7793

  6. Q

    The motor is very hot, is it okay? 


    When the motor is running, the temperature rises due to the temperature rise.

    It is recommended to use it to an outside temperature of 90 degrees.

    Use within a range that does not rise above the maximum allowable temperature.

  7. Q

    What is the difference between single-phase motor and three-phase motor? 


    A single-phase motor can be easily driven by connecting a condenser to

    a commercial power source used anywhere, to obtain a power source.

    Since a three-phase motor does not require a condenser, it is easily connected to

    a three-phase power source and operated to obtain a power source.

  8. Q

    Are there any motors with built-in overheat protection? 

    Our K7, K8, and K9, which are UL conformance motors and CE marked motors, have a built-in T/P device,
     and "Thermally Protected" sign is indicated in the name plate. If the T/P sign in the name plate is shown in the motor 
    intended for the domestic market, it has a built-in T/P.
    This T/P employed a heat sensing bimetal to facilitate the opening and closing of the contact point. 
    This is an automatic reset type, meaning that it shuts off the circuit when an abnormal temperature is detected and
     that it returns to the original state when the temperature returns to a normal level.
  9. Q

    Noise is getting louder in the reducer​ 


    When assembling the motor and the reducer, assemble the surface while turning the reducer gently.

    When assembling, if you apply excessive force to the motor shaft or hit the inside of the gearhead,

    Special attention should be given to abnormal noises due to damage to the gears, and the service life is reduced.

  10. Q

    I want to use a motor that can rotate in reverse direction. What product should I use? 


    We recommend BRAKE MOTOR.

    The BRAKE MOTOR is capable of frequent forward and reverse rotation,

    It is possible to stop 6 times a minute by simple switching. 

    However, be sure to secure the stop time for at least 3 seconds. 

  11. Q

    How many degrees of motor temperature is suitable for the motor? 


    It is advised to use the motor at the ambient temperature between -10℃ and +40℃.

    If the motor is operating in an environment of the temperature higher than the maximum ambient temperature or inside a house, 

    the heat emitted by the increased temperature of the motor is added to the ambient temperature so that the lifetime of the winding 

    coil and the ball bearing shortens significantly.

    The operation of the motor in a too low temperature environment also causes problems associated with starting of the motor.

    In addition, the decrease of the interrelative influence of the gearhead's lubricating grease and the

    ball bearing causes the frictional torque to be increased.

    As a result, the motor does not get started or takes longer time to start.