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DC 24V / 30W, 50W, 100W, 200W, 400W
Strengthening the durability by magnetic Sensing!

  • - BLDC BRAKE :

    Application for the facilities which is needed holding torque. (0.24~2 Nm)


    Compact Size (20mm), 1,000 ppr (A,/A B,/B Z,/Z)


    Can be controlled to lowest 10rpm!

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DC 24V / 30W, 50W, 100W
Electric brake control or Position & direction instruction signal!!

  • - Speed control :

    100~3,000 r/min

  • - Position control :

    1~3,000 r/min (Encoder type : when controlling pulse input)

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Wide range of Motors
and Gearheads

Various types of AC, BLDC, DC standard motors,
controllers and standard gearheads

  • - Motor :

    Various types of standard motors corresponding to output such as rotation direction and speed adjustment, position control, etc.

  • - Gearhead :

    Various types of standard gearheads corresponding to various reduction ratio and torque based on low noise and high efficiency.

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Right angle shaft Gearheads

  • - Optimization of space saving :

    Space saving is possible because the output shaft side is configured at right angles to motor shaft.

  • - Wide selection :

    Wide range of products with 20 kinds of reduction ratios from 1/3 to 1/180.

  • - Cost reduction :

    Hollow shaft gearhead has the effect of reducing the cost of connecting parts and resaving assembly man-hours.

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Flat Gearheads

  • - High-strength gearheads :

    Optimal gear design, CASE's new structural reinforcement design, and bearing durability reinforcement are applied.

  • - Low noise :

    The combination of various structural design technology, precision processing technology and assembly technology for the motor and gear head has realized low noise.

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Digital Speed controller for AC Motors

  • Dial for speed control on the front panel / Display of rotational speed (rpm) / Simple speed control

  • Variable speed range 50Hz : 90~1430rpm, 60Hz : 90~1730rpm

  • Motor and controller have dedicated connectors, so wiring is simple and easy to use.

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Speed Control for brushless Motors

  • - Wide speed control :

    speed 100~4000rpm

  • - Stable speed control :

    1% of speed change rate

  • It always compares the set speed with the speed feedback signal from the motor and adjusts the applied current of the motor by the Vector control, so that it rotates at a stable speed from low to high speed even when the load changes.

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